Gary Neville's January Title Race Prediction Goes Viral, Jamie Carragher Responds with Criticism

Gary Neville's January Title Race Prediction Goes Viral, Jamie Carragher Responds with Criticism

Although Gary Neville's prediction on the Premier League title race in January has proven to be accurate, Jamie Carragher remains unconvinced about his assertion.

Neville's accurate prediction about the title race has resurfaced online after Man City's 4-1 victory over Arsenal.

His claim was that Man City would eventually catch up to Arsenal and win the title when they hit their stride and started to play at their best.

"We’re so far out for us to be talking about this, and we’re getting asked it every ten minutes at this moment in time," he said on Sky Sports.

"I feel like this is a more traditional season. And to be fair, I’m just going back to my own experiences many times whereby, I don’t think City have started properly yet, in terms of being serious about this season.

"I think they’re still messing around a little bit, I think the manager is still rotating. They’ve not got Dias on the pitch, Laporte on the pitch, De Bruyne all the time on the pitch, Foden’s not quite there."

Neville continued: "When they start to purr, which I’m thinking at some point they will, because they’re great players and they’re serious about what they do, that they’ll start to motor on and they’ll really hunt Arsenal down and put pressure on.

"We used to do it at times. There were times when that didn’t work. Blackburn held us off and got there. Newcastle didn’t. And I don’t know what’s going to happen at the end of this season.

"Arsenal could hold Manchester City off, but I don’t think they will once it starts, the real run-in.

"And the run-in isn't starting for another nine games by the way, it doesn’t start till April."

However, Carragher isn't having Neville's title claim as he brought up the former Manchester United captain's prediction of Arsenal not finishing in the top four.

He tweeted: "[email protected] getting his tweets done by his social media guy after criticising players for doing the same.

You’ve been proven right about them faltering at the last hurdle, but not about Arsenal not making top 4 as you said when they where top & MU finishing above them!"

Mikel Arteta's team has officially secured a spot in the Champions League next season, despite their loss to Man City.

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