(VIDEO) Eden Hazard's son scores an absolute worldie for Real Madrid


Eden Hazard's son scores an absolute worldie for Real Madrid

Eden Hazard's time at Real Madrid might not have been what he was hoping, but maybe his legacy at the club can come from his son, based on his cracking goal.

Nothing felt like a more natural fit in football than when Hazard moved to Real, leaving Chelsea after seven seasons in 2019, for a reported €100 million.

The Belgian's star power and ability felt like a match made in heaven for the Spanish giants, but through injuries, that he never had an issue with at Stamford Bridge, and form, it's never worked out.

Recently it was revealed that the 32-year-old's value had dropped to just €5 million, with his contract at the Santiago Bernabeu still having over a year to run.

Interestingly, he showed some signs of still being able to do his thing last weekend, making his first La Liga appearance in over 200 days.

The forward created four chances and had an assist, in just 25 minutes on the pitch, as Carlo Ancelotti's side battered Real Valladolid 6-0.

As well as his potential resurgence, Los Blancos might consider keeping Hazard around just to keep hold of his son, who is playing in their youth set-up.

On Saturday, in a game against Granada, presumable Meridian weren't available, Leo Hazard hit an absolute worldie of a goal, that his dad would have been more than happy to score.

Watch video below

 It's a hell of a name to live up to for the young Belgian, who not only has his dad and uncle as professional footballers but also shares a name with the greatest player of all time.

Back in 2019, his dad revealed that his son was a big fan of PSG forward Lionel Messi, saying, "My eldest son is a big fan of Messi - in my little family, we all are in fact.

"He’s a special player. Together with my kids I regularly watch the big players: Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar."

Presumably he won't be admitting that to his teammates, especially if the 35-year-old agrees to taking some of Barcelona's ticket sales and returns to the Nou Camp for next season.

Clearly it's a big day for the children of forward's in Madrid, with Antoine Griezmann extremely busy celebrating the birthday of all three of his kids.

The Spain international doesn't have twins or triplets, but instead his children were born on April 8th 2016, 2019 and 2021, unbelievable.

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