Why Piqué was angry and yelling at his kids at the kings league final

Why Piqué was angry and yelling at his kids at the kings league final

The Kings League Final Four match took place at FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium on March 26, with the soccer competition launched by Gerard Piqué and Ibai Llanos being celebrated by many. The match was attended by 92.000 fans, and included entertaining shows planned by the organizers.

Celebrities and famous streamers were present at the stadium, including Piqué, who attended the event with his kids Milan and Sasha. And while the event was a sports celebration for fans, online users quickly turned their attention to a viral video, in which Piqué can be seen having a discussion with his children mid-game.

 As reported by Aló Magazine, Milan called his father a “clown,” while he cheered and celebrated the Kings League Final. It was also reported that the two kids were bored and did not seem to be entertained during the event.

Online users also pointed out that Piqué was probably proud about breaking records in attendance. Videos posted on Twitter showed the soccer player excited about what was taking place at the field, before he was spotted arguing with Milan and Sasha.

 “They wanted to criticize Shakira for taking her kids to the Jimmy Fallon show, where she performed session #53, but they didn’t seem to complain about Piqué taking his kids to an event where they were bored and being yelled at,” one person wrote sharing the clip.

“I wonder if Gerard Piqué is the kind of father who ask their kids what they like and what they want to do or if is the kind of father who impose. What was the need of this exhibition?” someone else commented.

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