VIDEO: Liverpool fan creates compilation of Paul Tierney’s ‘bias’ against the club


Liverpool fan creates compilation of Paul Tierney’s ‘bias’ against the club

A Liverpool fan has put together a compilation highlighting what they perceived to be "bias" from Paul Tierney against them.

Jurgen Klopp outrageously claimed that Tierney has an agenda against his side following the dramatic, last-gasp 4-3 win over Spurs.

A video showing Tierney officiating various Liverpool games has gone viral. It includes incidents from games against Spurs in the last two seasons, as well as his controversial decision to blow for half-time when Liverpool were on the attack against Manchester United at Anfield.

But also included is Tierney's failure to award a penalty for Everton against Manchester City at Goodison Park last season after Rodri appeared to control the ball with his hand in the area.

City won 1-0 and went on to beat Liverpool to the title by a single point on the final day.

The video, lasting one minute and fifty two seconds, has accrued over 125,000 views on Twitter and racked up retweets, quote-tweets and likes as well.

Watch video below...

A few examples of Paul Tierney’s bias against Liverpool Football Club.

— CF Comps (@CF_Compss) May 2, 2023

Klopp faced monumental backlash for calling out Tierney, with Martin Cassidy, CEO of Ref Support UK, demanding the FA impose a POINTS DEDUCTION on Liverpool.

In his press conference on Tuesday, the German expressed regret over grabbing headlines for the wrong reasons.

He said: "I know Paul Tierney is not doing this on purpose. Absolutely not.

"We won a game 4-3 in a spectacular manner, and the only headlines are what I created, and I regret that. I have no clue what happens now. We expect a reaction."

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