Kylian Mbappe may be forced to sack his own mum and agent Fayza Lamari amid Real Madrid links

Kylian Mbappe may be forced to sack his own mum and agent Fayza Lamari amid Real Madrid links

Kylian Mbappe may be forced to sack his own mum and agent Fayza Lamari, a fresh report has suggested.

Despite a high-profile feud between club and player over the summer, Mbappe remains at Paris Saint-Germain for the time being.

However, the France international is still expected to seal a transfer to Real Madrid next summer.

Should any move materialise, Mbappe’s mother Lamari, who is among the player’s representatives, is expected to be central to any negotiations over her son’s future.

Indeed, Lamari has earned a reputation as a shrewd negotiator who is unafraid to ruffle feathers.

However, according to Marca, new FIFA regulation has meant Mbappe may be forced to part ways with his mum as a representative.

FIFA want agents to be licensed, while the organisation are capping the commission they earn on transfer fees and salaries and prohibiting multiple representation.

As can be seen on the FIFA Agent Platform, in the new FIFA Agent Directory, Lamari is not listed as one of the thousands of registered agents.

Without that license, Lamari is not allowed to represent any footballer, negotiate a contract or collect a commission, even indirectly.

Lamari’s influence on Mbappe’s career has been clear from the outset. When a young Mbappe was recommended for a trial by Daniel Boga, who had been scouting for Chelsea since his son Jeremie joined the Blues’ academy in 2009, Lamari issued the Blues with an ultimatum.

Boga told the Athletic: “At the beginning, I was speaking to the dad. But then his mum came, and when that happened you could feel she was the one who controlled everything. She was the one talking to the club.

“The dad didn’t really talk. He’s very calm and relaxed. The mum is like fire — bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam!

“At the trial, he never said to his son, ‘Dribble, do this, do this.’ He might say afterwards, ‘Next time, you have to pass it.’ But the mum, next to the pitch, was like, ‘Kylian, take the ball! Take him on! Go! Shoot!’”

Chelsea allegedly told Mbappe’s parents that while they were impressed by his talent, they wanted to see him more dedicated in his off-the-ball work.

Boga, acting as an interpreter, explained this to Mbappe’s parents only for Lamari to issue the Premier League club with an ultimatum.

He recalled: “But then the mum said, ‘No, we won’t come again. Tell them, ‘He won’t come back. If you want to sign him, you sign him now.’ And she said, ‘In five years, you will come back for him for £50million.’ She said (to me), ‘Translate that!’

“I couldn’t say that; it’s too arrogant to say something like this, so I didn’t translate it. I just said to Jim, ‘I don’t think they will come back, so you have to make a decision now.’”
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