When Cristiano Ronaldo Said he Deserved More Ballon d'Ors Than Lionel Messi

When Cristiano Ronaldo Said he Deserved More Ballon d'Ors Than Lionel Messi

In the grand theatre of football, two names have shone brighter than any others in recent years - Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. These two titans of the game have not only dominated the sport but have also redefined it, setting new standards and breaking records with seeming ease.

Ronaldo, the dazzling star of Al-Nassr, has never been one to shy away from his ambitions. In 2019, he made a bold proclamation - he was determined to win more Ballon d’Or awards than his long-time rival, Lionel Messi. This declaration sent ripples through the football world, sparking debates among fans, pundits, and players alike.

The duo’s extraordinary achievements have led many to regard them as the greatest of all time (GOATs) in football. Their supremacy is best illustrated by the staggering 12 Ballon d’Or awards they’ve won between them. Messi currently leads the tally with a record seven wins.

However, opinions remain divided on who truly deserves the GOAT title. While Messi’s triumph in the 2022 World Cup seemed to tilt the scales in his favor, Ronaldo’s unwavering determination and exceptional performances continue to fuel the debate.

In an interview on ITV’s “Cristiano Ronaldo Meets Piers Morgan,” Ronaldo expressed his desire to add more Ballon d’Or titles to his collection. He stated, “I would love to win more Ballon d’Ors, and I think I deserve it. Messi is a fantastic guy, a fantastic player. He’s in the history of football – but I think I have to have six or seven or eight to be above him.”

Ronaldo acknowledged Messi as one of his most formidable opponents and expressed his aspiration to be remembered as one of the greatest players in football history. He added, “I’m sure I’m in the history of football for what I have done and what I’m continuing to do, but one of the best players in history.”

As Ronaldo continues his quest for Ballon d’Or supremacy over Messi, fans around the world eagerly await each new chapter in this riveting saga.
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