What does Thomas Muller really think of Leo Messi?

What does Thomas Muller really think of Leo Messi?

Bayern Munich star Thomas Muller seems to often talk about Leo Messi, whether it has to do with Barca v Bayern games or the eternal Messi v Ronaldo debate. But what does the German really think of the Argentinian genius? Let's put the pieces together.

What's that between Muller and Messi?
Perhaps a more fitting question would be what was that between Bayern Munich and FC Barcelona? The two teams became enemies in Europe and sadly for Barca, the German team dominated them way too often. 

In the last five games against Bayern, Barca have only scored two goals — in the 8-2 defeat at Camp Nou.

As a key Bayern player, Thomas Muller is used to making pre-game statements and some of those might be seen as insulting by Barca fans, although it must be noted that Muller likes to joke a lot.

Messi or Ronaldo for Thomas Muller?
It seems like Messi, after all. Muller famously claimed that Cristiano Ronaldo was more of a problem for Bayern in the Champions League, but he never said the Portuguese is a better player overall — only that Cristiano was a pain in the ass for the Bavarians. And indeed he was, as Ronaldo's stay at Real Madrid coincided with them winning five Champions Leagues in a short time span, knocking Bayern out along the way several times.

However, when asked about the greatest football player of all time, Muller was unequivocal: "The GOAT for me is Messi because he makes people say 'I go to the stadium because of his elegance'."

Muller follows Messi at Inter Miami
Like some of us in the Eastern Hemisphere who stay up at night to watch Leo Messi play for Inter Miami, Thomas Muller also follows the Argentinian in MLS. Well, maybe he doesn't set an alarm clock for 5 am but his X feed is full of praise for Leo and his exploits at David Beckham's team. 

So to answer the headline question, not only does Thomas Muller respect Leo Messi a lot, but he also considers him the greatest footballer of all time. Simple as.

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