Copa America Golden Boot winners list – Past all time winners 1939-2024!

Copa America Golden Boot winners list – Past all time winners 1939-2024!

Copa America Golden Boot winners list? List of past Copa America Golden Boot winners of all time? Which player has won the most Golden Boot – Neymar or Messi? Copa America each season’s leading goal scorer?

The Copa América Golden Boot is a prestigious award bestowed upon the leading scorer of South America's premier international football tournament. Since its inception in 1975, it has become a coveted honor, recognizing the continent's most prolific goal-scorers.

Early Years and Evolution

Initially, the Golden Boot was awarded for the top scorer across all competitions, excluding the Copa América itself. Argentine Leopoldo Luque and Colombian Ernesto Díaz shared the inaugural honor in 1975. It wasn't until later that the award was exclusively dedicated to the Copa América's top goal-getter.

Recent Golden Boot Winners

The Copa América has witnessed a plethora of talented strikers vying for the Golden Boot. Here’s a breakdown of recent winners:

  • 2024: Lautaro Martínez (Argentina)
  • 2021: Lionel Messi (Argentina) and Luis Díaz (Colombia) shared the award.
  • 2019: Everton Soares (Brazil)
  • 2016: Eduardo Vargas (Chile)
  • 2015: Paolo Guerrero (Peru) and Eduardo Vargas (Chile) shared the award.

A Legacy of Goals

While the complete list of Copa América Golden Boot winners dating back to 1939 is unavailable, the recent years have showcased an array of attacking prowess. Players like Messi, Suárez, and Neymar have graced the tournament, contributing significantly to their teams' success and the competition's overall spectacle.

The Copa América Golden Boot stands as a testament to exceptional goal-scoring ability. It serves as a platform for South America's finest strikers to showcase their talent and etch their names in the annals of football history. As the tournament continues to evolve, the battle for the Golden Boot promises to be an ever-more captivating aspect of the competition.

Year Host Top scorer(goals)
2024 USA Lautaro Martinez (5)
2021 Brazil Lionel Messi (4)
2019 Brazil Everton Soares(3)
2016 United States Eduardo Vargas (6)
2015 Chile Paolo Guerrero (4)
2015 Chile Eduardo Vargas (4)
2011 Argentina Paolo Guerrero (5)
2007 Venezuela Robinho (6)
2004 Peru Adriano (7)
2001 Colombia Víctor Aristizábal (6)
Year Host Top scorer(goals)
1999 Paraguay Rivaldo (5)
1999 Paraguay Ronaldo (5)
1997 Bolivia Luis Hernández (6)
1995 Uruguay Gabriel Batistuta (4)
1995 Uruguay Luis García (4)
1993 Ecuador José Luis Dolgetta (4)
1991 Chile Gabriel Batistuta (6)
1989 Brazil Bebeto (6)
1987 Argentina Arnoldo Iguarán (4)
1983 Jorge Burruchaga (3)
1983 Roberto Dinamite (3)
1983 Carlos Aguilera (3)
1979 Jorge Peredo (4)
1979 Eugenio Morel (4)
1975 Leopoldo Luque (4)
1975 Ernesto Díaz (4)
1967 Uruguay Luis Artime (5)
1963 Bolivia Carlos Alberto Raffo (6)
1959 Argentina Pelé (8)
1959 Ecuador José Sanfilippo (6)
1957 Peru Humberto Maschio (9)
1957 Peru Javier Ambrois (9)
1956 Uruguay Enrique Hormazábal (4)
1955 Chile Rodolfo Micheli (8)
1953 Peru Francisco Molina (7)
1949 Brazil Jair da Rosa Pinto (9)
1947 Ecuador Nicolás Falero (8)
1946 Argentina José María Medina (7)
1945 Chile Norberto Méndez (6)
1945 Chile Heleno de Freitas (6)
1942 Uruguay Herminio Masantonio (7)
1942 Uruguay José Manuel Moreno (7)
1941 Chile Juan Marvezzi (5)
1939 Peru Teodoro Fernández (7)

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