Revealed: Real Madrid last 4 La Liga trophy has caused serious confusion at Barcelona. Example Neymar, Ronaldinho and Guardiola exit.

Revealed: Real Madrid last 4 La Liga trophy has caused serious confusion at Barcelona. Example Neymar, Ronaldinho and Guardiola exit.

The noisy and confuse activities at Camp Nou is not showing any signs of slowing down but Los Blancos won't stop winning the La Liga either!

Remember the long-standing joke that whenever Aaron Ramsey scored a goal for former club Arsenal, a celebrity died? Well, Real Madrid may have a similar situation brewing but instead of singers and actors, our fate is intertwined with Barcelona's.

Marca notes that the last four times we won the La Liga, it led to painful situations at the Camp Nou. Here is the list:

Madrid win in 2008, Ronaldinho exits Barca
Having finished 18 points ahead of the Catalans that season, Los Blancos enjoyed a fantastic title triumph. However, our rivals were neither doing well on the pitch nor off it.

Following Frank Rijkaard's dismissal, they appointed Pep Guardiola, who immediately cleared out some of the big names from the squad. In fact, Marca suggests that he was worried about the Brazilian's influence on a young Lionel Messi and that was one of the major reasons behind Guardiola's decision.

Regardless, Ronaldinho was a popular figure at the club and his exit was a rather traumatic experience for their fans.

Madrid win in 2012, Guardiola exits Barca
After enjoying a fantastic tenure at Camp Nou, the current Man City boss exited the club while Jose Mourinho led Madrid to a La Liga triumph.

It goes without saying that Guardiola revolutionized the modern game for Barcelona but after a difficult relationship with the club's board (big surprise), he left the club for good.

Madrid win in 2017, Neymar exits Barca
Ironically, it was this exit that has caused a number of problems for our rivals in the current scenario.

Letting Neymar leave was perhaps the biggest mistake of Josep Maria Bartomeu's time at the club.

And of course, after a splendid season that saw us win the Champions League and the La Liga under Zinedine Zidane, the Brazilian joined Paris Saint-Germain in a blockbuster €222m move that not only scripted history but also acted as a catalyst for the many issues Barca are facing right now.

And finally, Madrid win in 2020, Messi set to exit Barca
2020 hasn't been a good year for most of us but we won our 34th league title. However, if Messi goes through with his departure, it could change the face of modern-day Barcelona forever.

The issues that have led to these many departures in the past have almost remained dormant but now, it has all culminated to a point where it is set to explode and cause a mess - and the signs are already there.

Once this blows over though, it'll truly be the end of an era as far as Barcelona are concerned. But they need to sort things out before we win our next title to avoid another heartbreaking exit. Follow us on Google newsTwitter and on Facebook

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