Reason why Luis Enrique should be the right mentor or God father to Barcelona Youngster Ansu Fati

Reason why Luis Enrique should be the right mentor or God father to Barcelona Youngster Ansu Fati

Lucho already counts on Fati as a regular member of the national team, what more could the player ask for?

Having the right person to mentor is as important to young players as getting game time. Just like Leo Messi had Pep Guardiola, Ansu Fati could find his mentor in Luis Enrique.

Here are three things that would make Lucho the right person to serve as a father figure to the 17-year-old

1. Trust

Not many national team coaches would call up a 17-year-old player and even fewer would give them chances to play from the start in competitive matches. Thanks to Luis Enrique, Ansu has become the youngest debutant for La Roja since 1936 as well as their youngest ever goalscorer.

Enrique: "It's surprising to see how calm and natural he (Fati) is. That's something at 17 years old you have to give him credit for. It's great to have him. The attention he has in team-talks, his dedication, is a joy and a delight."

2. Strictness

Enrique loves discipline and he is very direct with his players. Only this week the coach has publicly said that if Fati wants to continue playing for Spain, he'll need to do a lot of work defensively as well.

Enrique: "To continue playing for the national team, he needs to keep running in defence. The team is above any player. We would do Ansu a disservice if we wanted him to win us every game alone. He is still a teenager."

Heck, Luis Enrique was the last coach who could bench Messi just because he saw it fit, and even without consulting with the Argentine. He is sure to get the best out of Fati.

3. Love

Most importantly, Lucho adores Barcelona's youngster. Luis Enrique is 50 years old and Fati is 17, can really look at the player as if he were his son.

He has praised Assumane in several interviews. He even tipped the youngster to write his own story, refusing to liken him to Messi.

Enrique: "Ansu Fati is the heir to Ansu Fati. He has to look at himself, to be humble and keep working as he has been. Being humble and working is the advice that his family and those of us with experience in football will give him."

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