James Pearce reveals Liverpool budget for summer transfers window

James Pearce reveals Liverpool budget for summer transfers window

There's not a crazy amount of money available but Klopp will be able to spend a little freely in the summer, details the reliable journalist.

The RedBird investment will help Liverpool handle the effects of the pandemic and it's not going to be sell to buy for the Reds.

We should not expect majorly expensive transfers, Pearce adds.

Speaking on the Red Agenda Podcast, The Athletic's journalist James Pearce has shared what he’s heard about Liverpool’s summer transfer budget.

“It’s certainly not as basic as saying, Liverpool need to sell to buy. From what I’m told there will be money there for Klopp to invest in the summer, but it’s not going to be a crazy amount of money invested.

“The feedback I had from the RedBird investment, which of course people look at the numbers and think a £500m investment into FSG could lead to a Mbappe or Haaland type signing and a massive war chest for Klopp.

“I was told that it’s certainly not that, but what this investment will do is allow Liverpool to absorb the impact of the pandemic. So where they would’ve needed to cut back to deal with what they now believe to be around a £120m dip in revenue, this will allow them to operate as they normally do.

“This means there’ll be a set amount of money aside that can be invested, and that will be swelled by what can be invested into sales.”

Pearce essentially hints that while there isn't a major lack of funds due to the pandemic, fans should not hold their breath to see signings like Mbappe or Haaland arrive at Anfield.

Reportedly, FSG will back Klopp this offseason and it remains to be seen who the defending Premier League champions will bring to Anfield this summer.

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