(Video) Man City player Ben Thatcher’s tackle was so bad even the police got involved


Man City player Ben Thatcher’s tackle was so bad even the police got involved

Back in 2006, Manchester City’s Premier League clash with Portsmouth was marred by one of the most horrendous tackles you will ever see.

During what was a drab 0-0 draw, the match should have been swiftly forgotten by both sets of fans.

However, the match will forever be etched in Premier League history after City man Ben Thatcher’s dismal tackle on Portsmouth’s Pedro Mendes in the second half.

The ball was originally headed away by the Pompey defence after a City corner.

As Mendes rushed over to the right back position in a bid to clear the ball, in came Thatcher with an extremely late challenge.

Thatcher came crashing into Mendes with his elbow, catching the Portsmouth man on the jaw and left him dropping to the floor head first.

At the time, referee Dermot Gallagher only gave Thatcher a yellow card for the offence.

On the back of the match, Greater Manchester Police received ‘a number of’ complaints from the public over Thatcher’s tackle.

As a result, the police were speaking with Mendes to see if he wanted to seek legal action.

Then Portsmouth manager Harry Redknapp said: “The FA have to do something.

“It is there for all to see. I do not want to see anyone suspended but how could that possibly not be a red card? What do you have to do to get a red, kill someone?”

Whilst Thatcher made a public apology, he said: “Immediately after the game I tried to find out how Pedro was. I have written to him today apologising for what happened.”

Watch video below 

City also decided to suspend Thatcher indefinitely and fined him two weeks' wages.

Manager at the time, Stuart Pearce said: “What happened on Wednesday was indefensible.

“Any form of discipline will be discussed at the board level, kept internal and we will move on from there. I can assure everybody that this has hit the player very hard. There is no bravado about him. He has gone home, turned on the TV and seen the challenge. The more you watch it, the worse it gets.

“Ben is distraught but hopefully he will learn from it. He is an aggressive player but every now and then the red mist appears and he steps over the mark. I ask my team to play hard but fair but when they go over the mark it's down to me to make sure I guide them in the right way.”

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