Europa Conference League Past Winners List (2022-2024)

Europa Conference League Past Winners List (2022-2024)

UEFA Europa Conference League Past Winners List since inception 2022 till date 2024? Are you interested in the past winners of the Europa Conference League of all time? Who are the past winners of the Europa Conference League? Well, if you have then worry not because we have prepared a list of UEFA Europa

The UEFA Europa Conference League, established in 2022, has provided a fresh platform for European clubs to battle for continental glory. While the Champions League and Europa League hold a prestigious legacy, the Europa Conference League offers a new avenue for success, particularly for clubs from developing leagues.

A Tournament on the Rise

This competition is the third tier of European club football, allowing more teams to experience the thrill of European competition. Qualification is based on performance in domestic leagues and cup tournaments, providing a wider range of clubs the chance to compete on a grand stage.

Shared Supremacy: The Most Successful Clubs

Currently, two clubs share the title of most successful in the Europa Conference League: AS Roma and West Ham United.
  • AS Roma emerged victorious in the inaugural season (2022) under the guidance of the legendary José Mourinho. Lorenzo Pellegrini, their star midfielder, was instrumental in their triumph and earned Player of the Season honors.
  • West Ham United followed suit in 2023, claiming their first-ever European trophy by defeating Fiorentina in the final. This historic victory marked a significant milestone for the English club.

2024: A Night for the Reds of Piraeus

The most recent edition, the 2024 Europa Conference League final, witnessed Olympiakos, the Greek powerhouse, etch their name on the trophy for the first time.  A dramatic late winner by Ayoub El Kaabi in extra time secured their victory over Fiorentina. This win holds immense significance for Greece, as Olympiakos became the first Greek team to lift a major European trophy.

A Look Back: Past Winners

2024 Olympiakos Fiorentina Oly won 1-0
2023 West Ham Fiorentina West Ham won 2-1
2022 AS Roma Feyenoord Roma won 1-0
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